Seducing Your Audience eMarketing Keynote

I have presented marketing information to audiences for nearly 13 years now but in a little over an hour, I will be presenting my first keynote presentation.

I was honored that the eMarketing Association’s President, Robert Fleming, took a chance on me. He invited me to present the day 2 keynote even though I am not yet a VP, CEO or CMO and I do not work for a nationally recognized brand.

Knowing that Mr. Fleming had many options to choose from, I decided to honor his decision by vowing to make this keynote presentation the best one in eMarketing Association history!

That’s a pretty tall order especially for a newbie like myself. It is a good thing I work well under pressure and love a good challenge.

After seeing the day 1 keynote and talking to the attendees, I decided to redo my entire presentation.  Not because it wasn’t good enough.  It was good but because it wasn’t bold enough!

Seduction is about creating a deep emotional connection and here I was about to present a bold topic with safe, please everyone type of content.

I realized that I need to demonstrate the very ideas I plan to share. So at approx 9 p.m. last night, I started fresh and just wrapped up a short while ago.

My goal is to create emotion and inspire. I consider it a success if I have Lovers and Haters at the end of my presentation.  If I have any middle of the roaders, then I failed!  When we as marketers can create a deep emotion from our audience, Good or Bad, we have an opportunity to engage!

I am heading downstairs now!

For those of you who attended my session: DID I ACHIEVE MY GOAL??!!

PPC, Social, EMail with a hint of SEO & Integrated Marketing. Rocking the Milwaukee & Chicago areas with my self proclaimed oh so valuable opinions and inspiration

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One comment on “Seducing Your Audience eMarketing Keynote
  1. Michael says:

    Definitely reached your goal… More than 2 weeks later I’m still thinking about the topic!

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Jo Stumpner

Jo Stumpner

Director of Ecommerce and Owner @ bREAL Marketing offering Digital Marketing Workshops & Trainings for non-profit organziations. Numerous digital marketing certifications with 15+ years experience. PPC, SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, Ecommerce, Conversion Improvement, Usability, Competitive Strategy Development & Social Media Marketing. aka:grunt. Keynote Speaker, Student Pilot, Aerial Yoga & Power Yoga Instructor, Lifelong Learner & Thrill Seeker who likes making others smile.

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